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Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Top: Aeropostale, Necklace: IHOD, Bag: Foley & Corinna

- I never know where to look when taking pictures like that of above. The lens? Straight ahead? No se. 
- That this was the only decent picture I got for my 30 for 30 challenge. Husband is out of commission with an ear infection.  And tripods are stupid. Now, that's just rude!
- When you're in the bathroom and someone turns the light off on you. I didn't want to be rude, so I just sat there in the dark… 
- Our new kitten who inappropriately still 'sucks' and gives quite embarrassing hickey-like bruises.

- Husband promises to see the doctor tomorrow for his ear, so he can have a re-do of our photo shoot.
- Even though it's hotter than Hades outside AND we have the a/c on, our electric bill was only $80. Yeah, we rock!
- A three day weekend for fourth of July.
- That summer is in full-flege mode.
- Husband's random sweet and out-of-the-blue texts saying I love you. Sweet love!
- That my Etsy shop is finally opening tomorrow!
- The possibility that a trip to France & Italy may be in my future!!

Happy Thursday!


  1. aww, this is a cute idea for tuesday posts! you just sat there in the dark? ha. i turn the lights off on bird accidentally all the time whilst he's in the shower

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  3. Hooray for a 3 day weekend! I'm pretty excited too, especially since we never get them!

  4. a trip to france is in your future?!!!!! how amazing! random sweet texts are the BEST! :)

  5. I know what you mean about those kinds of pictures!! It's confusing!! Lol!! I think if you look at the lens, it's more normal though... but it doesn't really matter! :)

    And WOOHOO!! go YOU and your Etsy shop! I've been brainstorming for mine all week... and I think I'll open up next week! YAY! :)

  6. Can't wait to see your Etsy shop!! I need to update mine ...

    Those trips sound awesome! So do sweet random love texts. :)

  7. First of all... I wonder the same thing about mirror pictures. It is awkward! Second... you have a kitten that gives hickeys? That should go under the awesome category haha! ;)

    Pleeeease tell me how you had an $80 electric bill with a/c running... I am terrified to get our first elec. bill here in Florida, yikes! Yay for the Etsy shop. I can't wait to see what you'll be selling.

    Lastly.... you might be going to France and Italy?! Please please take me too! (: Now I know why you were so excited about the Italy part of Eat, Pray, Love. How exciting!

  8. EEEK! Love the necklace on you!!
    And heck yes,cheers to the three day weekend!! Bring on the summer fun!!
    Hope you have a wonderful 4th!

  9. your Etsy shop is opening tomorrow!? ahhhh so good!!! and i hope your hubby gets well soon.

  10. i just have this image of you sitting in the dark on the bathroom. and it's got me laughing. oh man, real belly laughs. someone needs to put that in a film.

  11. An Etsy shop? Yay!

    And I LOVE my tripod. It's the only way I take photos anymore. Probably because my husband is the WORST outfit picture taker. I love him but he makes it so freaking awkward by being such a goofball! :)


  12. I totally struggle w/ the whole picture thing. Setting up a tripod is awkward. My husband means well, but he is terrible at taking pictures. (he knows it) :) I've always been the one behind the camera - which means I'm never in the pictures (which has always been fine with me). I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels a little awkward about the whole picture thing.

    Hope your hubby feels better.


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