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White Out + Sun-Kissed

 photo DSCN2593copy-4_zps3cdddf5f.jpg  photo DSCN2590copy-3_zps7f1a54db.jpg  photo DSCN2591copy-2_zpsacaf8cc9.jpg
 Shoes + Bracelets + Necklace: Kohl's, Top: Old Navy,
Capri pants: Target, Ring: Charlotte Russe

Hey beautiful! Well, it's Tuesday, and it's time for Bloggers Do It Better: White Out challenge

I dodged a bit of traffic, outsped a cop or two, and raced home to snap these pictures just for you. Not gonna lie, taking these pictures was a difficult task for me. Sorry to disappoint you, but I didn't have husband behind the lens. He was off getting his hair cut, so I had to put my handy dandy tripod to use. What do you think?! Do I still need husband? :)

Maybe it's just me or my camera, but I had a frigging hard time with these. The lighting was ok, but I couldn't find the right background that didn't make me look like an angel. I literally had a full body halo. Maybe that's not all that bad except when you're trying to get a few good fashion pictures. But, before the sun set for the night, I tested out a couple different backgrounds and settled on this one. Yep, a parking lot. You're welcome. 

That's all.


  1. You look great in white! I love the turquoise ring... and those wedge shoes. (: So glad that you outsped a few cops in order to get us these pictures, and you didn't even get a ticket. Yay.

  2. Cute love the all white and great choice for pops of color the coral and turquoise are perfect!! You did a great job lady! Looks like an ad in a magazine! xoxo

  3. The pictures look great! I would have never guessed they were with your tripod & I know I've told you before but I looove your haircut. It's so perfect for summer :)


  4. You look so pretty, girl! Would've loved to do this assignment, but like I said in my post, my photog is MIA. :) You look great!

    amy day to day

  5. Love these; the lighting is soft and paired with your white outfit, it seems fitting that you'd look angelic with the halo. :) Seriously, you are positively adorable and you did a great job with your tripod!

    I know I've mentioned this before, but I so enjoy these fashion posts...I wish I had the courage to join in on the fun and pose in front of the camera. For now, I'm content in observing from the sidelines. :)

  6. you look amazing!!xx

  7. That's because you ARE an angel Alisha! You're so sweet :)

    You look fabulous in white and I think you did a great job without the husband! Oh and I'm loving the necklance as well! Super cute

  8. looking good in all white. i would look like a school nurse in this outfit. but you're rocking it.

  9. Awesome pictures! If mine looked that good using a tripod, I'd be set for life!

  10. Yay. Great job on the challenge. I love the look of all white, it's always so fresh & chic. And those wedges are so fantastic. Hope your Thursday is a lovely one. xx veronika

  11. Very cute outfit that is! I especially love the wedges.

    Sometimes I wish I wasn't so tall so that I could also wear heels.

  12. Cute outfit!!! Love the wedges! Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  13. You have cuteness written all over your personality. Loved the outfit. Tried the same shoes at Kohls in blue. Are they comfortable for long term wear?

    Would love it, if you would stop by and see how a 45+ year old handles “White Out”—you might get a good chuckle anyway! See you there!
    The Chief Blonde

  14. beautiful, girl!! love the springy-ness of white, and the necklace really pops:)
    so pretty.


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