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Trip to San Antonio

So, I think my funny bone has lapsed, hopefully only momentarily, but I can't think of an interesting title for our weekend rendezvous to save my life. Maybe it's part from the rough, none stop day at work yesterday, or lack of sleep or a combination of the two.  What do you think about these titles: "Fun-awesome-trip-where-I-couldn't-pee-for-the-first-two-hours-of-the-drive" or "San-Antonio-equals-best-city-ever" or (my favorite), "Best-trip-ever-where-I-became-an-official-SLR-camera-owner"

That's right, friends, Brandon and I are now part of the SLR family. And I'm in love. The beep of the focus. The click of the shutter. It's all music to my ears. And what makes me even happier, Brandon actually likes taking pictures with this camera. And that means more pictures for your pretty eyes. Lucky you.

Well, I won't bore you any longer. Here are a few pictures from our weekend. We went downtown for an award's banquet to celebrate my mom's scholarship award. So proud that she's going back to school!

Dress & Shoes: Kohl's, Clutch: gifted 

Please excuse my lack of fashion and poise while we get down and dirty with the puppy dogs. They drool and slobber in real life, and they like to play in the water and proceed to get you soaking wet.

Brandon's all about nature shots and upgrading to bigger lenses. I think I got him hooked. He'll be wanting to shoot for National Geographic if I don't keep an eye on him ;)

We traveled back into town to shop, got some ice cream, spent some together with my parents and had a great dinner before we needed to get back on the road.

Love weekends like these.


  1. Great pics Alisha! And I want that dress that you have on! It's so pretty! You look fab! Love the color :)

  2. Looks like a great trip!! And I love the pictures!! The one of the dog catching the Frisbee is super good

  3. Looks like you had an awesome trip! Congrats on joining the Canon family :)

    Stephanie (Big Mario)

  4. Woohooo congrats on your SLR! I love the pictures. Oh and I love your dress in that first photo.

  5. I almost just giggled out loud. First of all, I am so excited that you got an SLR! Second... the fact that your husband loves taking pics makes me smile. I'll be looking for his photo credit in National Geographic! (:

    The dog action shots are so fun! Nothing like some bonding with furry friends and playing some frisbee with them. So cute! Golden retrievers are my favorite dog in the whole wide world... and you and Michaela are killing me with these adorable pictures of them. <3

    You and your husband look great... and that pic of him looking out the window at the skyline is so cool! Way to go. Can't wait to see more pictures by Alisha and Brandon. (: Yeeeah!

  6. congrats on the SLR :) i know you must be excited.

    it looks like y'all had a great, relaxing trip; it just makes me look forward to my upcoming trip even more!

  7. Aw the golden retriever is so precious!!! i love animals, lol..i can just watch/ play with them all day, especially dogs. Looks like a nice time in San Antonio..
    (Following you now, nice blog! Hope you can visit my page soon and follow along also :-)

    Hugs from NYC!


  8. welcome to the family!

    and those photos are great.

  9. ooo I want a camera like that! Well, just a nicer one haha. Love the pics! Also, I LOOOOVE San Antonio. :)

  10. just stumbled across your blog and love the pics of you and your hubs... AND of the pups playing frisbee! Great shots! Lovely blog!


  11. Hey I recognize that city ;) I love the Plaza Club especially the view of downtown. You're mom's hair has gotten so long and I'm so proud of her! Glad you had great trip back to SA


  12. Congrats on the camera!

    I love the pictures - Brandon looks so handsome all dressed up and I'm seriously in LOVE with your dress! You look so pretty :)

  13. Y'all always take the best pictures!! Girl, you are in a cute shirt with jewelry on to play with the dogs! Don't apologize! I'm normally in pajamas or old t-shirts to play with them!!

  14. yay for a new SLR!
    that's so exciting!
    i got mine for christmas & i love it.

    your pictures look awesome!


  15. AWESOME!! and welcome to the slr family--it's a fun one to be a part of. the pictures do look mighty fine!

  16. Awww I wanna nice camera. No fair ;)

  17. great photos!! looks like you enjoyed the trip. i lovvve san antonio. and i hope you have a blast with your new slr! <3

  18. Aww, how fun! Loving your cute pink dress, girl. Ruffles always make me happy!

    That baby golden puppy is so darn cute. I miss Shasta as a puppy!

  19. Congrats on the camera!! Great shots!

  20. Oh my gosh I want one of those cameras so bad! And love the pictures- it is great to see pictures of San Antonio because my sister lived there for a month this year and I didn't get to see what it was like!

    And definitely check out that book- it is by the author of the Twilight series, but it is meant for adults. Haha.

    Ashley Sloan

  21. ahhh i'm such a sucker for golden retrievers (but i mean, who isn't?). i love their complimenting colors here.


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