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Style Talk: Wide Leg Trousers

Let's talk style shall we? Well, for starters, let's distinguish the difference between style and fashion. In my humble opinion, style is how you express yourself. It's attitude, personality and what comes natural to you, while fashion is how you express your attitude and personality through trends that others or you, yourself create if you're sewing inclined, unlike myself.

My style is influenced by many things: color, comfort, creativity,  current trends, but never by rules. Style is all about confidence. You may identify with others' style or follow trends that make sense to you personally, but never forget to stay true to yourself in doing so.

Take my wide leg trouser jeans for example. They are by far the most comfortable jeans I own. These babies are my go-to jeans. They're a couple of seasons old, a bit broken in, but when you're able to buy a good pair of jeans and know they'll last you a while, you've spent your money wisely. I find confidence in my style with thrifty and comfortable clothes. 

Trouser Jeans: Charlotte Russe (old), Top: JCPenny sale rack,
Shoes: Kohls, Belt: thrifted 

A few other essential pieces I don't have any problem spending money on is a good quality blazer, a nice pair of boots or heels or something with great color. Anything I can get multiple seasons out of is well worth the buy in my book.

OK. I'm done stealing precious seconds from your life.

Go shop, my pretties. You can thank me later!


  1. I like those pants. I like how old it is. Most of my clothes are really old.

  2. i always say i am willing to spend more money on a pair of jeans that fit just right...but then i just end up buying cute pairs at thrift stores. but you are right, they are worth it! yours look so cute and comfy!

  3. i love wide leg pants - they are the most flattering, in my opinion.

  4. probably my favorite trend right now! these look great on you

  5. I have to agree that style is not about following rules... unless maybe they're your own. (:

    I would love to find some great wide leg jeans! Yours look great on you... and it's even nicer when you can wear them a lot and get your money's worth. I tend to splurge on jeans and shoes more than anything.

  6. You are too cute! Love the plaid top and wide leg jeans!

    amy day to day

  7. you are SO right. rocking clothing that you feel comfortable and confident in is by far the most important thing! These look awesome on you, girl!
    PS. I forget if I told you... but I'm proudly displaying ya on my new blogroll:D

  8. You're so cute Alisha! I'm loving plaid button downs right now :)


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