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one picture from a long weekend...

Sunrise. Sunset. How do you really tell the difference between the two? That's far from what this post is about, but this picture makes me wonder how do you tell which is which...

I digress.

Moving on. Commencing post, now!

Usually an extra day to make the weekend a bit longer might mean more pictures for your pretty little eyes. Well kiddies, sorry to disappoint. All I could manage was one stinking picture. That's right. One. And you're looking at it.

My idea of taking our newly purchased Canon DSLR on our weekend rendezvous was outvoted by the husband's two votes compared to my one. (How those votes were tallied and recorded is beyond me, but either way, I lost.) So, all I had left to record any snapshots of our weekend was my iPhone. I guess I don't blame him since 45 minutes of our trip was spent on our boat traveling to the FIL's island house, and, let me tell you, I was soaked head to toe within the first 20. Even one drop of salt water on my camera would have been an EPIC failure.

We left out first thing Saturday morning from the Matagorda harbor in south Texas, and made it to Matagorda peninsula by 10:30am. We stayed through till Monday morning. Soon as we docked the boat, we dropped our bags and loaded up the four-wheeler. We drove up and down the beach in search of fun and unique items that washed up on shore. Boy, did we find some crazy items. Needles may or may not have been spotted. Amongst others were lumber, hard hats, lawn chairs, piece of a hot tub, and even a dead sea turtle. Sad day. (Random side note - made me think of Finding Nemo.) Then we attempted to fish in 30mph winds. Key word, attempted. We actually failed. Miserably. And we devoured some very unhealthy food.

After we made it back to safety, I mean, reality on Monday we put the jet skies in the water (not like we hadn't had enough water to begin with), and played in the sun. Some. More. At least my tan is getting a little more tan.

Overall, one amazing weekend!!

Oh, and ps. Can you tell if this picture is a sunrise or sunset?


  1. I'm going with sunrise on this one. Am I right?! (:

    Sounds like you had a nice long weekend... minus the fishing fail and the dead sea turtle.

    I would love to go jet skiing right now! That's always fun. Glad you're working on that tan too.

  2. sounds like a great weekend! I definitely can't tell the difference. sunset?

  3. I'm guessing sunset, but really have no clue!! And sounds fun! Good thing your camera was left in safety!

  4. I'm voting sunset, but only because I took a picture last week with very similar colors and it was a sunset that I passed off as a sunrise! ;)


  5. Sounds like y'all had some fun!! How do hubbies always get an extra vote?? So unfair. ; )

  6. Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm guessing it's sunset...

  7. How FUN!!! what a great vacation :)

  8. I would get sunset, but I'm shooting in the dark! I would love to make my way to beach one morning to see the sun rise, but who knows about that!

  9. I am going to go with sunset!

    Beautiful picture though. I LOVE sunrises/sunsets. Though, I prefer sunsets because I am not a big fan of waking up THAT early! And I live on the east coast of FL so I only really get to see sunsets. <3

  10. Hey, it is hard, right? I didn't think of it before. Because every picture already tells it is sunrise or sunset :))). I think this one is sunset.

  11. I'm going to bet that it was the sunset. Right?

  12. Sunrise is yellow, sunset is orange hehe.

    Sad that you weren't able to bring your new camera, but I guess your husband is just thinking about its safety. Which I think he is quite right.


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