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Fierce equals sexy

Every blogger is so unique in his/her own way, and it's the experiences we go through in life that make us who we are. We've all chosen blog titles that symbolize our lives in just a few simple words.

Today I have Caitlin from Fit, Fierce and Fabulous talking about the meaning behind her blog title. Doesn't that title just rattle your cage? I mean, the word fierce just radiates sexiness and confidence.

Caitlin is here to share her story on how she chose Fit, Fierce and Fabulous.

So, read on.

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It wouldn't all be possible without the help of this little beauty I like to call Fit, Fierce and Fabulous. [Why did you name your blog]

For one thing, I love acronyms. I love creating new things like this so you REMEMBER me. I began working out a few weeks prior to starting this blog and realized, I need more advice, tips and help in order to stay FIT. I can have a burger now and then RIGHT? (okay I had a mcChicken too..opps)


Fierce- well that's just a word I love to think of myself as. Not in a mean way, but as a confident, outgoing and social individual.

Fabulous- if you've noticed comments I've left you- I tend to leave the word FABULOUS or FAB out there. It's one of those words that just lifts a bad mood knowing that you did something FABULOUS or how FAB you are on the inside and outside! 

As I mentioned in other posts, [ why do you blog ] it's the importance of reaching out to people, to make connections, and even more, friendships. 

So thank you Alisha for having me talk about why I love my blog and why I named the blog the way I did. Clearly, everyone has their own personal reason for making their blog unique, and this is my way! 

If you think you're Fit, Fierce and/or Fabulous I'd love to hear about it! Shoot me an e-mail at! 

Caitlin @ Fit, Fierce and Fabulous


  1. Thanks for sharing, Alisha! This looks like another great blog:) With a great name to boot! Heading over to read more.

  2. Fit, Fierce and Fabulous indeed! Thanks for introducing us to Caitlin! :)


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