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You're Gonna LOVE This...

Well hello there! So, I promised you here that I would have my very own giveaway to give back and show my appreciation to you, my amazing followers. And well, not to keep you waiting too long, on to what you really came here for...

A little background first, shall we? Mmmk! So, my friend, Kaci, is the creator behind these beautiful pieces of art. And I do mean art. Her company Three Chicks Soap caters to women of all ages, and oh em gee, all of her scents smell absolutely amazing. 

'Lavender and Oatmeal'

"We are a little soap company with grand ambition. Striving to create & share the art of quality handmade soap & body products, one of life's few affordable luxuries..."

'Honeysuckle and Grapefruit'

'Body Scrub'

'Lip Balm'

"I have worked diligently to create an exceptional product & spent countless hours racking my brain on how to make it even better."

And now, here is the gift set Kaci is giving away with all of her favorite scents, plus her perfect lip balm! 

TO ENTER (all separate comments please):

1. Be a Google Friend Connect follower and leave a comment saying so (this is the only mandatory entry).

2. Follow Kaci's blog and leave me a comment saying you did.
3. Visit Three Chicks Soap on Facebook and tell me which scent is your favorite!

4. Like Three Chicks Soap on Facebook (comment saying you did so)

And there you have it! That's four entries! Winner will be announced next week Wednesday, April 20th. 
Good luck! :)


  1. Oh how I love giveaways!!! :)

  2. Oh I love the smell of lavender! I'm a friend :)

  3. Such a LOVELY giveaway!!! I am a follower <3

  4. My favorite is the lavendar and oatmeal soap!!! <3

  5. You are such a sweet blogger offering a giveaway, girl :) Keep on being fabulous love!! xo

  6. oh i love it! :) <---ew worst, boringest comment ever. but i really do love it. :) (double smilieys always make everything better)

  7. I'm a follower!! DUH!! : )

  8. I am obsessed with little soaps and things like this. These looks so yummyy.. for my skin, that is! ;) hehe

    I feel like the worst blogger friend ever. It's been weeks since I've visited your blog! What is wrong with me??! Love the new do though :)


  9. Hi! Ooh, I would love to win some of Kaci's products! I am a follower of your blog and Kaci's. My favorite scent is Amber Romance. I am a friend of Three Chick's on Facebook. Thanks.

  10. Oh I think I can smell the yummy scents through my computer screen...

    I'm a follower... obvi. ;)

  11. beautiful giveaway, Alisha! good on ya! oh... i'm a friend;)

  12. Oh my gosh......this is SO awesome! I'm a follower! :)


  13. Yay! What an awesome giveaway!
    These sound wonderful.
    I follow:)

  14. and my favorite flavor is the lavender oatmeal (i think, they are all so good)

  15. and i liked three chicks soap on facebook too!

  16. ♥I love your blog so much.)) ♥

  17. How cute! I love all these products (: Yay for giveaways! I'm a follower of course


  18. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I look forward to exploring yours!

  19. I'm a follower! But you already knew that!

  20. Midnight pomegrante scrub with poppy seeds sounds like a delish scent to me!


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