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Sweet Sweet Deliciousness

A couple of weekends ago Brandon and I spent some quality husband-wife time together, and it was great. We didn't have any plans set for the two days that were ahead of us, and well, with no plans in our family means you go with flow. We literally spent almost every minute together. Gag, I know. But, being with him makes this girl get all mushy gushy. I oogle over this boy. I just can't get enough. Ok, ok, maybe I can, but that's beside the point.

That Saturday Brandon was out at the fields planting cotton, and after my fun-filled day of running a few errands, I drove out to see him and take him dinner. He was so surprised! I'm such a good wifey. But instead of dinning and dashing, I stuck around until husband was done with his work. I rode shotgun and co-piloted the tractor as we planted cotton seeds into the rough, dry, and in-so-much-need-of-rain soil. 

Sunday was a day of recovery. We both felt the need to sleep in (something that rarely ever happens), and it was glorious. After a slow morning of dragging our weary bodies to life, I spent the rest of the mid-morning/afternoon baking close to 4 dozen cupcakes. Don't ask why. Baking mood, I guess? And, we may or may not have had cupcakes for lunch. I took the remaining dozens to work, and I was loved by all. Everyone enjoyed my yummy cupcakes.  

Happy Wednesday, lovelies!


  1. You know me and my love for cupcakes!! They look awesomely delicious (:

  2. Awww Alisha I'm so happy you found a wonderful man and husband. Y'all seem so happy together. Love ya!


  3. Not gag. Time together with hubs is the best!

  4. how sweet! sounds like a country a good way...if you like country? :)

  5. love this.
    it's awesome that you got to spend the whole weekend together! i didn't gag. but i was a bit jealous;) (in the best way possible!) cupcakes and love?... sounds pretty darn great.

  6. OH my gosh YUMM. Send me some please, girl? :) xo

  7. Those look so good... great photos!!

  8. I love hearing about good solid marriages! You two have it! Thats how it should be....that you love to be together:)

  9. I love hearing about good solid marriages! You two have it! Thats how it should be....that you love to be together:)

  10. omg the cupcakes look SO good! you made me hungry :)
    xoxo, Saskia

  11. OHGOODNESS... I need some of those cupcakes! And I all the pictures... from the tractor to the baked goods, so colorful. You've got a great eye for photography, my darling!


  12. Ok seriously, my blogger dashboard is failing me... and new posts by my favorite bloggers (that's you) are not showing up there. I would have commented earlier, because you know that I'm interested in your farm stories! (:

    I hope that your little cotton seeds made it through the abundance of rain it sounds like you were getting. Have fun on your road trip to S.A.!!

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