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Spring Wish List

So, a while back I took my first steps into Anthropology in the Houston metropolis and completely fell head over heads. Their soft palette, vintage feel, and sophisticated style won me over instantly. I am swooning over their April catalog. These photo shoots alone are enough to get me back in the store. Love this coral Bocagrande Dress, but the price tag of $248 does not love me back. My credit card would be angry with me for weeks. Maybe I could bribe Brandon...


  1. i share the same love for anthro! haha too bad it's so dang expensive, right!? maybe that's not an issue for you but for me, well... it is :P
    but i digress.

    i'm a new follower of yours and i just wanted to pop by and say hello. can't wait for another post! you have such a cute blog and i love the posts i've seen so far

    if you'd like, you should come by and say hello. maybe even follow back :) we'd love to have you around miss!

    <3 kandice

  2. Ugh. So frustrating. No matter how much I cram in my closet, there's always more waiting to be adopted by me. Love these images!

  3. i wish i had a whole closet full of anthro stuff....well a full house full of anthro stuff actually!!! haha! cause i sure love their home decor and such! :)

  4. I just died a little. LOVE that store. It makes me want to cry every time I enter (partially due to the prices of things!). ; )

  5. I have to resist going into the store most of the time because its just too hard to leave without bags and bags of stuff (and no money)

  6. I love their stuff too... but I really don't like their prices. Ugh. Usually the only things I buy from there are books, soaps, and candles... or clearance items. (:

    Hope you get at least one item from your wish list!

  7. I love that first dress. I think it might be worth $248. Or we could split the price and share it? Haha.

    I've never been inside the store. Thank goodness.

  8. Love the coral dress! Coral is one mt favorite summer colors :)

  9. So pretty! I want I want I want :) lol xoxoxo


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