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It was a beautiful day yesterday in Texas with a high of 80F degrees, and I was sitting riverside soaking it all up.  The wind was blowing, the sun was shining on my face, and can we talk about the water? Ah-mazing! It felt so good to jump in and cool off. Go ahead. Be jealous.

I heard a few of you northerners received a beautiful blanket of that pretty white stuff that Texas rarely ever sees. Frozen rain, right? Yeah, that's unheard of down here! Wish you were here next to me instead of being cooped up inside your home trying to keep warm. 

Won't you come join me? I've already offered to sponsor my sweet friend, Jenna, to fly south to escape her dreary 46F degree weather. You can come too! This is an open invitation, so come when you're ready. I'll be waiting, and this is what you have to look forward to...

The chair I spent some thinking and writing in.

I spent a lot of time with this pretty girl!!

And, my first bokeh shot of the gorgeous sunset we had.

Are you ready now?


  1. I'll be there tomorrow! LOL! I wish. Our weather has been so sucky. Some days cold and rainy. Some days semi-warm. I'm ready for some of what you guys are having :)

  2. It looks gorgeous outside by you! It's been raining here in NY! Finally a nice day today!! Hope you have a great day!

  3. I want to come. And stay for a long time. hehe (: I'm done with 52 degree weather, rain, and gray skies!!!

    BUT it's going to be sunny this week. And even though it's still going to be in the 50's, I'm okay with that (:

  4. Gorgeous pictures!! I want to come. I'm not that far away!!

  5. Beautiful pics! I'm loving the warm weather too :)

  6. Yes... please sign me up! It looks beautiful in Texas. I would love to sit waterside all day long. You took some wonderful pictures too!

  7. It looks so warm and beautiful in Texas...amazing photos!

  8. The weather yesterday in Texas was gorgeous! We took our dogs to the dog park and enjoyed our time outside.

  9. Oh it looks so warm and pretty out! We had the nasty white stuff yesterday... can't wait until the outdoors look more like this!

  10. oh, Alisha... did we ever get snow (!!!) thanks for sharing your spring with me via blog, cuz i'm in dire need of it:) oh, and i'll SO come visit you.

  11. What a beautiful place to sit, rest & relax! Hope spring is going well for you!


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