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Monday Feature: The Style Dossier

Hello lovelies. Today, I have something special for you. Because we all deserve a little pat on the back for sacrificing working ridiculously hard to maintain our little blogs, I want showcase one of my favorite bloggers - The Style Dossier. The Style Dossier is authored by three beautiful sisters, Libby, Katy, and Mandy, and is a cohesive mix of style, fashion, food, and many more all in one! 

When and why did you start blogging? We "officially" started blogging February 14th, but we'd been working on creating the blog since December 2010. We'd been reading blogs for a while, and we wanted to start our own blog that really catered to everything we weren't getting from other blogs. We want our blog to be a one stop shop. We wanted to combine all the blogs we read into one cohesive blog.

What trend(s) are you currently hooked on?  Mandy's hooked on the bright lips for spring (red and hot pink), and high waisted skirts. Libby is hooked on the "messy, undone curls" for spring. And, Katy is hooked on wedges and the fun prints that are all the rage.

Who is your favorite style icon? Libby's style icon is Audry Hepburn, the sophisticated, polished, classic looks. Katy's style icons vary, but Carrie Bradshaw will always be in the top 5! Mandy doesn't really have a style icon, but she loves hipster style, style that changes from day to day. 

Do you have one product you cannot live without? Libby can't go a day without her Colgate wisps. She loves having clean, fresh breath no matter what. Mandy can't live without sunscreen and her cherry carmex. She carries is with her everywhere she goes. Katy can't live without her elf palette. She uses it everyday, no exceptions.

How often do you shop to keep yourself updated with the latest trend? We all shop as much as our wallets will allow, haha! We need to pay for gas, after all!

What, according to you, plays a major role in a fashion style statement of an individual? Definitely confidence. You gotta rock it, but also, how you style your outfit. Accessories are always key! And don't forget you know what works for you. Never doubt that.

And, just for kicks... If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?! We'd love to be somewhere tropical sipping margaritas by the beach!

And there you have it. These girls literally have it all: fashion, style, the latest trends, fun tutorials and great home-made remedies. Thank you girls, for being so wonderful to work with and letting me share just a little bit of what y'all love to do. Now, go check out their lovely blog

All images courtesy of: The Style Dossier


  1. OMGosh!! Alish the post looks Awesome! Thank you sooo much for featuring us, we really appreciate it. Your the best :D

  2. wow great post girl :) love this! id love for you to guest post for me! if you could have something done for next friday that would be fabulous! i may need help figuring out how to post all of these great posts later ;) xo have a fabulous monday!

  3. I love guest posts! Awesome :)

  4. They are adorable!! Thanks for sharing them!

  5. i love their blog tooo ^.^
    hope you get a chance to swing by my blog! i have a rad giveaway goin on, perfect for spring!

  6. I love a lot of the same things for spring... the Essie nail polishes are amazing! I think I might need that "turquoise & caicos" color, and if the Style Dossier ladies head somewhere tropical and sip margs... I'd like to go too! (:

  7. awesome idea! i love passing the blog love along and appreciating eahchother:) I'll be sure to check these 3 out!

  8. Fun to get to know her! That facial thing at the end looks awesome!


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