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Cocktail Blog Swap

Hey all you cool cats out there,
Melissa Jo, of Lady of the Flowers, and I are teaming up for our very first swap!
We thought this would be a fun way to get to know all of you,
and especially beneficial for those of you where the weather is starting to heat up.
We would love to have you participate!

It's a MINIs Cocktail Swap!

It's easy peasy.

First step, what's your favorite drink?
 I'll start. I LOVE a little vodka and cranberry cocktail every now and then.

2oz vodka
5oz cranberry juice
Serve over ice

**For obvious shipping reasons we're not asking you buy the mixers and send those. Just the liquor minis!

So, here's the low down:
  • Buy 3-4 minis for the ingredients of your favorite drink. $15 max! 
(Even if you don't drink alcohol, we would still love for you to join.)
  • Just include your favorite drink ingredients. Maybe it's a favorite flavored tea, coffee, lemonade or punch??
  • Leave a comment with the following information:
name, email address, blog link, and preference NON or ALC.

  • Partner swap will be announced Friday, May 6th!
  • Mail your packages by May 10th-13th, and we'll do a link up party for everyone to share their drink recipes with each other! 

And Ladies, if your man wants to participate he is MORE than welcome to!

 Cheers, here's to HAPPY HOUR!


  1. Thanks for stopping by, appreciate it!

  2. This sounds so FUN! sign me up!

    xx Katy

  3. Ummmm...I like rootbeer floats. A lot.

    Does that count?

  4. Thanks for the comment! I love your blog and this is a really cute idea. I'll try to think of a good drink recipe.. new follower :)



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