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Can I Ask a Favor?

Hey you! Hope you're swell.
I really think we've become great friends. Don't you?
Well, you see, I've also made another friend (don't be jealous, she's a cool cat). And she'll be your friend too. If you want. 
Her name is Lauren, and she's come up with this 
fun spring color collage to show off 
your photography!

That's right. Your photography.
So this is where the favor comes in...
Send her your favorite pictures of the following colors:

blue themed photos

And she'll feature your photography on her blog!
If you haven't checked out her
blog and photography, you're really missing out.
The girl's got mad skills!
Read more about her Shades of Spring project here.

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That's all.


  1. Love love love this! I'm about to send some in!

  2. Lauren is the best! I love her project :)

  3. How fun is this!!!

  4. I was just looking at her blog earlier... I'm gonna have to go through my photography and see what's there. (: Thanks!


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