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Awkward and Awesome Thursday

So. It's Thursday, and I'm linking up with Sydney again this week for Awkward and Awesome Thursday. This past week has proven many times over that crazy and sporadic moments will always exist in my life. But it's these moments that make my life glamorous, not-so glamorous, and just downright hilarious!

-Sending Husband a text, only to find out it went to someone else. Had a lot of explaining to do after that one.
-Texting, emailing, twitter-ing while driving then drive right by a cop. Oopsies.
-Trying to speak Spanish to the people at my work.
-My pregnant boss' 2yr old son now goes up to all females, puts his hand on their tummies and says "Baby!"
-If the ladies say no when he says baby, then he puts his hand on their bosoms and says "Baby!" (Talk about embarrassing...)

-Getting sweet "I love you" texts from Husband during a long and stressful day at work. 
-Not getting a ticket or even pulled over from the hot cop I drove by.
-Trip to Mississippi this past weekend to practice taking some great shots!
-Stopping in Lake Charles, LA on the way back home to stop in a casino. (Not-so-awesome part: Losing $500) Damn.
-Finding those last two fries at the bottom of the McDonalds bag.
-Getting extra kisses from Brandon for bringing home an awesome dinner last night!

That's all. Hope you have a awesome day!


  1. Did you take those pictures from the wedding? I love her dress!

    And not getting Pulled over = awesome! Woo! Haha

    Happy Thursday!

  2. ah! what a good start to my thursday having a few giggles with you over these akward and awesome's. the wedding looked great too!
    Have a great day:)

  3. I accidentally sent a text meant for my husband complaining about an old co-worker of mine TO THE CO-WORKER. Thankfully she thought it was just a joke! I felt horrible... I feel horrible right now just reliving it!

  4. Love those pictures!!!! You took those right? That grooms wedding band is so unique!

    Love the awesomeness :)

  5. this is such a cute post! :) i have also done the texting thing before! now i always double check my text is going to my hubby before i send it! it is sooooo embarrassing!

  6. Hiya, I'm a new follower. Just found your blog today. Can't wait to read more.

    The wedding pictures are beautiful. And your bosses son is too cute. Though that is rather awkward.

  7. This is so cute! i like the awkward/awesome idea!

  8. HAHA - love this post!!! I've def had my share of sending texts to the wrong people! Opps! lol. Those extra two fries taste better than the rest! haha :)

  9. i love looking at wedding pictures <3

    goood luck in my giveaway ;) XOX

  10. OMG!! You were SO CLOSE to me!!!!!!

  11. How funny! I think we're all guilty of the twittering/texting while driving. Only reason I love red lights is so I can finish that text up! (: So glad you didn't get a ticket. And that little boy...oh dear. How ...cute? Nope, definitely awkward.


  12. I love this series. You are too cute for words. I do the awkward texting things sometimes too. Where you text one thing to another. Then with iPhone's wacky spell check. ugh. It's brutal sometimes! Happy Friday snuggles! xo

  13. hahaha i just LOVE when bloggers do.

    we are all so awkward......and amazingly awesome!!! xo!

  14. Great wedding photos! I heart Mississippi, my home state :)

    Lol@ the 2 year-old. Kids definitely don't have a mute button! Lol

  15. escaping the cop ALWAYS is awesome. Oh, and so are you.

  16. your blog is ADORABLE! My sis and I just started a new blog and would Absolutely LOVE if you became our newest {blog} friend and FOllower!
    hope to see you soon
    (if you have any great tips we would LOVE them, we need any help we can take) Thanks!


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