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Thought You Might Need Some More Inspiration {Stand Out}

Being different is what makes us all unique. And, like this couch, its strong, vibrant, red color stands out from the black and white canvas surrounding it. To be different is to stand out. When you stand out, when you open your eyes and believe in yourself, that's when people notice you.

Stand out above the crowd. Stand out to get noticed. Stand out and be different. Be bold. Be passionate. Be creative. Be encouraged. Be inspired. Be loved. Be you! You have what it takes!! Don't stop until you start to stand out.

That's all. :)


  1. Thank you for inspiration! We all need a little bit of it sometimes :) love that picture! Have a good weekend Alisha!

  2. You could just keep posting these inspiring blogs every day, and I would be okay with that. ;)

    They have been my daily reminders to grow and become a better person.... Me. Thanks Alisha!

  3. I love your inspiring posts!

  4. Well said alisha, thanks for the inspiration.

  5. love that couch, love that picture, love the inspiration


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