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My First Vlog

Hello, lovelies!! And welcome to my very first vlog. 

Yes, I know, I live a glamorous life, especially when the highlight of my night was making this fabulous vlog just for YOU! Forgive me, I'll be sure to have a better backdrop for you with fancy colors and fewer shadows on my face for the next vlog.

So, go ahead, click that play button, and enjoy a few laughs with me as I replay this short clip of me and my second love, and think how I should've at least dressed up for you. I mean, our relationship is getting a bit more serious. You now know what my voice sounds like. I'm a little freaked out about that. Just a little. 


Oh, and PS. My lovely friend Jenna featured me on her fashion blog. I was beyond honored to even be considered for her stylish Tuesday post. She is absolutely brilliant and so talented. 

You NEED to know this girl. She is going places!! 
Now, go check her out! 

That's all. 


  1. Loved your first vlog, Alisha!

    I didn't know you pronounced your name that way! I really like it. You are so pretty, and your dog is adorable! I wish my dog knew all those tricks. hehe

  2. Yay! That was a lovely first vlog... and I love that you had your dog doing tricks. How cute. I'll be keeping an eye out for your next vlog! I'm too scared to do one myself haha.

  3. I loved your first vlog Alisha! :) Astro is adorable! He can whisper!!!!!! LOL! So cute!

  4. haha what an adorable dog!! I love how he gets so excited! What a great dog!!

    my roommates dog can whisper and the first time I heard him do it was was literally AMAZED! I did not know dogs could whisper! so adorable


  5. nice firsts vlog. you have an adorable dog. I enjoyed watching it.

  6. Astro is too cute. I love that he knows how to "whisper"!

    And I'm with Natalie - I didn't know that's how you pronounce your name.. I love when people do vlogs and I hope you do more!

  7. A-LISH-AH!

    I thought it was A-LESH-Ah :)

    This is why vlogs are amazing!! I adore you xo

  8. I thought it was A-LESH-AH, toooo!!!

    So glad I can pronounce it correctly in my head now!
    Aren't you the cutest thing ever! And Astro? What a smart cookie. You can tell him I said that, but don't say cookie or else he'll want a treat. We have to spell the words treat, cheese, carrot, cookie and anything else yummy around Shasta (:

  9. so so so cute.
    you have a talented pup there! And it's great 'seeing' ya!
    Happy Wednesday.

  10. You're adorable. I'm so glad that I can say your name right now!! : )

  11. I just found your blog, how exciting i popped in on your very first vlog!

    Its like I met you in person!

  12. you are the cutest thing! I love this vlog and that your little pup made an appearance.

    you are totally inspiring me to do a vlog! did you just do it on a mac/photo booth? teach me thy ways (:

  13. Nice job on your first vlog... Loved Astro; he did a great job on camera ;)

  14. aww this was so cute!!! and i want your doggie so much. i love how you would say louder and he would do it louder! so adorable


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