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Husband Tells All

Husband here.

Here’s something about Alisha and I that you may not know.

How I knew she was the one – The way she made me feel was a feeling unlike I’d ever felt before. She made me happy, and making a guy happy is really all that matters. When you know, you know. That’s honestly all I can say about that.

How I knew I’d marry her – This is kind of a repeat question. Isn’t it? When you find that one person in your life that puts everyone else to shame. That one girl that makes life actually worth living, and no one else in the world could make me feel the way she does. Yeah, that’s when I knew.   

I love the simply things about her. I love that she’s kind, loving, and caring. Even though she can be loud and obnoxious at times when she’s had too much wine, I love that she’s my best friend. I love that we like to do all the same activities. Having things you like to do in common is important in all relationships, but more important when it’s someone you actually consider spending the rest of your life with. That’s too long of time to spend wasting years of your life if you can’t have fun together as a couple.

From early days into the relationship…
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  1. You two are too cute! I especially like the pic where your husband is licking your nose haha. Nice to see two people having fun together and enjoying each other. (:

  2. This blog is absolutely adorable! Good job to your husband! :)


  3. This is sweet. :) :) Brandon, you BETTER redeem yourself after that Shamu comment!!! ;P

  4. so awesome!!
    man, you guys are soo lucky to have found the perfect match for one another:)

  5. Haha...I totally laughed at Jenni's comment!! Are you trying to sound sweet after calling her Shamu?? ; )

    I totally agree with you...when you know, you know!! Y'all are adorable!

  6. I love this. He's so sweet :)

  7. aww, this is absolutely adorable and you guys are such a cute couple! :-) xx veronika

  8. OOOhhh! I love reading these! They make me want to cry. Or laugh. Or both, perhaps. They're just darn sweet!

  9. How sweet! Always love hearing from husbands (: What cute pictures, too!


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