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Awkward and Awesome

OK, I've been quite the loner, loser blogger who doesn't/hasn't linked up with any bloghops, so I'm linking up today with Sydney from The Daybook for Awkward and Awesome Thursday. 

-Seeing your gynecologist outside the office.
-Finding yourself checking out the waitresses at Hooters.
-Having to call your boss three times in one week to say you're going to be late for work.
-Realizing the cashier didn't use your coupons, but you've already walked out of the grocery store.
-Singing loud for all to hear then find out you've been singing the wrong words all along. Happens.All.The.Time Oops..

-Seeing your gynecologist and hearing him say you're as healthy as a horse (hey, it's the little things!).
-Getting a Hooters shirt for free
-Having your boss give you compliments for a job well done ever after being late to work.
-The cat-like reflexes I have to kill the gnats that raid my office building
-Having husband play the guitar and sing to me.
-Having husband tell me I'm the best thing that's happened to him.
-And, how bout those hibiscus pictures?!!  

That's all. Now go and be awesome today!


  1. pshhh ALLL girls check out other girls! esp at Hooters! haha :)

    those flower photos are awesome!!!


  2. Totally agree that seeing the gyno outside the office would be awkward, but it would be infinitely MORE awkward if he/she recognized you :) I don't think mine would know who I was!

  3. Love this! Don't we all secretly check out other girls?? LOL. Cute pictures!

  4. Hahaha...I know someone that married their gynecologist. I think that's pretty much as awkward as it gets.

    And the coupon thing? I do it all the time. Except I make the cashier fix it while everyone waits for me :)

    You are fantastic. And I love awkward and awesome Thursday. I might just need to do it someday too.


  5. Lol! This was great Alisha :)

  6. Hahahaha, love these, A-lish-a! ; ) So totally agree that seeing your gyno out of the office is awkward. Try working at a hospital where she comes! EEKS!

  7. Love your pictures... they are awesome. Too funny about seeing your gyno in public. I think if that happened to me I would make a run for it. (:

    I love that bloghop... I hardly ever take part in them. I should try and find a fun one to join.

  8. Alisha!!! I love the new look to your blog!! I really like the simpler looking designs... they showcase photography better. And this post was huuhlarious!!! Probably your funniest yet!! :D

  9. Sigh, I wish the boyfriend would play the guitar and sing to me. But that's something that's most likely never going to happen.

    Such a pretty blog you have here :)

  10. Haha! Great A&As! Lovely photos too.

    XO, Katie
    Running on Happiness

  11. HA! loved this! and the hibiscus?? SOOO pretty.

  12. haha! these made me laugh:) good one. Hope you are having a good weekend.

  13. oooh i love hibiscus! growing up in puerto rico my mom would grow them all across our fence... they would look breathtakingly beautiful when they would all open at the same time

  14. love your blog, just found it today. come check out my latest photo shoot!

    come and visit me at

  15. Haha! This was so cute. I loved them all. I'm glad we can be awkward together, 'cause I tell ya, I am SO AWKWARD. And a total klutz. I don't even try to hide it anymore, there is just no use. lol!! (Oh, and BEING LATE IS SO AWKWARD!! I am petrified of walking into class late. I feel judged... so very judged...)

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, love!

    I suck at visiting blogs. I really do, and I won't lie and say I will probably get better, because TRUTH IS, I am running on a big, ugly E as it is. Summer = Better. Right now? Not so much. (One more month, then I can be up to date on your life, dear friend!)

    I feel even more lame seeing that you have a blog redesign and I haven't been here. Seriously. I feel like I'm missin' everything!

  16. I haven't had the joy of seeing my gynecologist outside the office, but I see my GP in public far more than I'd like to. It may be time to move on...

  17. those pictures really ARE awesome :)


  18. Hm, meeting your gynecologist when he or she is outside work does feel a bit weird. Of course, there's probably a lot of other things to talk about to make the situation less awkward. (being told that you're healthy is a very good thing, in any case)


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