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My FIRST Newborn Photo Shoot {Baby Fever}

Excited just might be a HUGE understatement for how I am feeling right now. I would probably go as far to say that I am the happiest girl in the world! I am SO happy to be able to share with you my first ever photo shoot!! I had so much fun today. I am seriously on cloud nine!

Babies are definitely wonderful little humans being, but by far, the best subjects to capture through film because of their complete unpredictability and spontaneity.

One minute I was checking my settings or trying to focus my lens, and all the while, the baby was posing just right or had the perfect expression and I completely missed it. CRAP! I've learned to be persistent and patient with your subject(s), and you WILL get the perfect shot you're looking for. We went through one feeding and two cat naps before our session was complete.

These are just a few of my favorite shots from our hour and a half session. Enjoy!



  1. These are great! I love the last one and I love the one of him in the blue and brown striped shirt! Too cute!

    You did a great job!
    ~Romantic Savy

  2. These are wonderful! I love the one where he is kind of smiling and looking to the side! Adorable! Great job!!

  3. Love the last one! So adorable. Black and white is great! You're well on your way to becoming a fab photographer (:

  4. Girly, these are so great! You did such a wonderful job I bet it was such a good experience. The 4th one is my favorite. I love the lighting in it!

  5. sooooooooooooooo heavenly sweet!
    you pictures are really
    your blog is great!
    visit my page if you like !would be happy to see you on it!

  6. he is adorable! very cute!

  7. What a cute little guy! Great pictures!

  8. Your photos are great! So perfect for a photoshoot of a baby. I'm sure the mom was thrilled - he's such a cute little guy!


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