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Simply Adorable

This is the face of an angel. 

I love this little girl. So. Much. Every time I see her she puts me on cloud nine. :) I took these shots at the San Antonio Zoo on a train ride at the end of our day. She was completely worn out. When I look at these pictures, I some times wonder what she's thinking about... We had so much fun that day! 

I can't wait to see my precious niece again soon!!! 


  1. Great pictures! Aren't little ones the best. It is interesting to wonder what is going through their little heads :) Have a great week Alisha!

  2. Beautiful photos Alisha!! You captured her expression and feeling perfectly. <3

  3. She IS adorable! LOVE the first one :)

  4. She is precious!! Great pictures!

  5. So precious, I love my niece SO much 2!


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