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Having fun Learning {with my camera}

Who really WANTS to read user manuals when you get something new?! I mean really. Definitely not this girl. Well, as much as I don't like it, reading my user manual for my camera has really done a number on my very amateur picture taking skills.

I would LOVE to take a photography class... I just haven't found one yet. But, after reading just a little bit of my user manual here's what I've learned:

Aperture is referred to the lens diaphragm opening inside your lens. The size of the diaphragm opening in a camera lens regulates the amount of light that passes through onto your film the moment when the shutter curtain opens.

The difference between macro/micro photography & close-up photography.

Lighting - backlighting, frontlighting, side-lighting and indoor and outside lighting.

Check it out...

Please excuse all my plant pictures. I work at a nursery, so I get to have some really nice photo ops when plants are in bloom!! :)

I'm still learning, but this is a start. Project 365 has really helped me, in just 38 days, learn so much about my skills and about capturing the right moment. I've got a long road ahead of me.

I love these two quotes I found yesterday:

"Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst." - Henri Cartier-Bresson

"You've got to push yourself harder. You've got to start looking for pictures nobody else could take. You've got to take the tools you have and probe deeper." - William Albert Allard

Happy Tuesday!


  1. your pictures look great! i need to read the manual for my new camera too...i just don't want to! lol!

  2. ahahah that quote *your first 10,000 photos are the worst* is SOO TRUE! I got my new SLR for Christmas and took the most random photos ever..

    *my sister doing a 100 beer bottle puzzle
    *i took 5 zillion photos of tree ornaments
    *my boyfriend's face..each of them getting more angry and angry the more i snapped away

    hahah so i feel ya...I have a great photography book that I want to read cover to cover to help me out!

    your photos are gorg! as always! :) keep up the good work girl! i need to learn some more camera features!


  3. AHH! You managed to take a picture of my favorite color of lantana.. EVER!!!

    Your photos look pretty darn tootin good!

  4. that purple flower is insane looking.

  5. I guess I really should read my user manual too. Loving all the flower pictures! & the first quote is hilarious :)

  6. I love flowers! You're doing well with the camera!! I just learned all about aperture and light and the F-stop. It makes taking pictures much more fun (:

  7. so pretty! good job girl! i lovvvve pictures, and am obbsssed with editing them!

  8. I think you've taken some great photos! I especially love the one of the pretty pup! :)

  9. I stumbled onto your blog and it's just lovely! I'm also an amateur photographer trying to figure out this complicated camera. Your pictures are great, best of luck to you :)

  10. I stumbled onto your blog and it is just lovely! i m also an amaetur photographer trying to figure this complicated camera out. Your pictures look great and best of luck to you :)

  11. Thanks! <3 I like the drain one too. Not sure what inspired me to photograph it :) Your doggie is dog doesn't sit well for pictures but we have a few nice ones of her being ridiculous as she always is. :)

  12. Great macro photos of the flowers. Cute blog :)

  13. Yay, so fun! I love, love photography. I too (eye roll) hate reading my manual. But, yup it's useful. I am loving your flower pictures. Can't wait to see more. I couldn't stop taking pictures when I got my camera. LOVE IT! xx veronika

  14. These are amazing! I hate reading the manual to anything that I buy, but sometimes you just have to! My favorite is the pink flower with the raindrops on it! LOVE!

  15. Happy Friday! I gave you an award today!!

  16. Your photos look awesome!! I am learning photography myself and would love to find a great class. There is just so much to it! A great resource I found was It has a membership fee but tons and tons of video tutorials on photography.

  17. Awesome pictures Alisha!! I love flowers & to take photos of them!

    I have a blog award for you on my blog:


  18. Henri Cartier-Bresson's my favourite photographer! As is Richard Avedon actually. Photography vocab is soooo confusing! Taking a course right now and it's a toughie but I love it! Hope you find one for yourself!!

  19. wow those are FABULOUS! great job girl :) id love to be as talented as you! those flowers are dreamy!


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