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Date Night

Date night is always FUN
when you're with the one you
Brandon and I found this 
quaint Italian bistro near our casa, 
and let me tell you, the food was incredible.
Like, make your mouth water 
just by reading the menu
descriptions - savory, flavorful, 
succulent, delicious.
Ha! I see you drooling already…
The bread, fried calamari, and salad
were beyond delicious. 
I got the chicken marsala, and Brandon got 
the chicken piccata!
And, as you can see, he REALLY 
enjoyed his plate ;)
The night ended with a cute photo shoot
in our quiet little booth.
Italian bistros like this
make me long to go to Italy.
Italy will definitely be our next adventure!!
I can't wait.
Have any of you lovelies ever been to Italy?!
What did you do? Where did you go?
Traveling tips are always welcome!!

Have a lovely day sweet friends.


  1. FUN!!! I love all these pictures Alisha... and you just made me hungry and all mouth-watery. Think I'll go have some boring cereal!

    PS - I had half a delicious cupcake with my coffee this morning, so I'm doin' alright. ;)

    PPS - You and Brandon are so adorable!!

  2. Ahh looks amazing! Really craving some calamari now...

  3. this all looks delicious!

    italian food is definately a fav..and also a day to forgo any diets i may have! gotta love PASTA!

    great photos :)


  4. Oh yum! Italian is our favorite!!!

  5. Yum. It looks (and sounds) delish!

  6. The first/top photo looks like a painting! I love these photos. Did you edit, or how are they taken?

  7. Okay I am now starving thanks to your post LOL

    What I would give for a date night... enjoy these moments friend


  8. Your post makes me hungry and maked me want to buy a plane ticket back to Rome! I went for 3 1/2 days two years ago and it was amazing! If you go to Italy, you have to go to Rome! Amazing things to see and food is to die for! :)


  9. Love all of these pictures! Y'all are SO cute!!

  10. You two look so happy! (I'm assuming hubby was being playful in that last photo and wasn't truly annoyed!) :)

    I love date night. Something about getting out of the house and out of your regular routine that really brings the fun into a relationship!

  11. You guys are adorable!! And Chicken Marsala and Chicken Picata are DIVINE. Good choices A and B :) Oh and Chicken Romano is pretty darn amazing!! Great post love xo

  12. So first all I'm starving now... second of all I LOVE little places like that particulary with italian food! YUMMY! Looks like you had a fun date! I wish you were closer & we could on a double date to that place!


  13. Looks delicious!

  14. How sweet, girlfriend. The pictures are so cute!

  15. Hey girl! I gave you an award today!

  16. Sometimes eating good ethnic food makes me want to travel too! I visited Italy 5 years ago... it was an area called Cinque Terre on the west coast of the country. It was amazing there, and all of the little villages just clung to the cliffs. There's a great hiking trail with stunning views... it runs between all of the 5 villages that make up Cinque Terre. I always recommend this place! Hope you get your trip to Italy. (:


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