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Photography is my Passion

I've been putting this post off for a few days now. I'm not really sure why. I wanted to get this posted January 1st, but I didn't want to flood your reading list with cliches or a list of silly resolutions I know I'll never keep.

I'm not really a new year's resolution kind of gal. So, it took some time to think about what to write. I really want to start the year off great. A great post. A great title. And great pictures.

But sadly, this post is far from greatness....the inspiration to write is more like smoldering coals instead of a raging fire (sad day - which it has been quite gloomy round these parts; cold weather, rainy, cloudy - perfect definition of sad & depressing).

This may just be a rambling post, so if you want to stop reading now I won't blame you. You won't hurt my feelings.

However, my passion for photography is burning bright like the sun!! :) Hello, Mr. Sun!

After hearing people rave about this project back in December, I decided to try it myself. I started Project 365 on January 1st, and I am having so much fun with this while perfecting my amateur picture taking skills. **See new page above with each picture I've taken!

Professional photography has always been a dream of mine, but there's still SO much I need to learn about this great art before I go pro: there's lighting, balance, symmetry, pattern, texture, tone, depth of field, lines and much more! 

Believe it or not, my first camera was a pink Concord 110. My mom spent $3 on it at a silent auction. That was three dollars well spent. :) Thanks Mom!

I have quite a few photography sites that I go to frequently that I like, admire, and learn from. They are a constant source of motivation.     

We'll keep each other accountable throughout the year. What do you say?!


  1. wow your photography is GORGEOUS!!! Wanna come up to Boston when I get married and be my wedding photographer? (though I'm not even engaged yet...hahah) but're amazing and I love the photo of the beaches with those canopy beds. Breathtaking!

    i recently got a camera for christmas...a Canon EOS Rebel t2i/550D and am still a newbie..i'm so excited to get into photography so any tips would be splendid!

    If you feel stuck in your writing, incorporate photos into it and make it more into a photo-y blog..that'd be great!

    if you haven't already, there's an amazing amazing blog by a woman who does gorgeous blog's GREAT!!

    xoxox love your photos..keep up the hard work girlie

  2. those are awesome photos. i really like the in-motion one


  3. these pictures are great! i look forward to seeing more of them. i got a camera for christmas, so i still have lots to learn. thanks for including the links!

  4. Such great pictures!! You are doing amazing! I can't wait to see all the pictures that you take!

  5. Keep up the fabulous work girl! You are doing amazing and this project will inspire you beyond belief, I promise :) Can't wait to see what's in store!! xo

  6. Beautiful images!

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  7. I love catching up on what's happening in your life... I am so proud of you! Keep striving and pushing forward... you will only get more amazing! I love you too much. ~mom

  8. I totally relate to you Alisha!! I recently fell head over heels in love with photography, myself. And I just KNOW our blogs will be all the better for it!! :)

  9. I gave you an award today on my blog :)

  10. hi! just stumbling through blogs! love yours, great photography! :]


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