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Very Exciting News

Today I come to you remotely from Bush Intercontinental airport in Houston, Texas. Brandon and I have been married for, well, 16 glorious hours now. YAY!!! Yesterday, December 4, 2010, we took the plunge, tied the knot, bought the cow, got hitched and all the other lovely sayings that go with getting married! We are now Mr. & Mrs. :)

We are flying out in a couple of hours to a beautiful resort in Mexico for our long-awaited honeymoon (yes, I will bring back some amazing pictures to show all of you). I know you will be anxiously, however, patiently waiting for those. But please don't think that I won't be thinking about you while I'm away...because I WILL. 

I will miss all of you dearly. I will miss reading all of your lovely blogs, but Brandon would probably kill me if he saw me blogging in the hotel room. Not that he hates blogging or anything. He loves that I blog. He reads every post (or at least that's what he tells me...).

He tells me that we should be spending time together doing a few awesome excursions, go hiking, fishing or better, scuba-diving. Which I guess think he's right, and I am totally down for! ;)

We will be here…

And here...

But you say, "Alisha, if you will not be blogging, whatever will you do?!"  Well dearies, I have the ultimate, most exciting surprise for you! I have asked three lovely ladies to help me out while I am away enjoying the sun, and they have graciously accepted. 

I know you will love them as much as I do. They are all wonderful writers, and these few posts will allow you see their great personalities, life experiences, and AWESOME uniqueness!!

Lauren @ Life with a Lab


  1. How fun!!! Hope you have a great honeymoon!

  2. Hope you have an amaaazing week Alisha!! Enjoy your new HUSBAND!!!! :)


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