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Lauren's Guest Post: With Hope

Hi everyone! I'm Lauren from Life with a Lab. Alisha is off getting married and honeymooning (CONGRATS girl!) so here I am guest blogging! I got to know Alisha when I redesigned her bloggity, she is so sweet and I am so happy to be here.

I have to admit, when I asked Alisha if there was anything in particular she thought her readers would enjoy… and she said love… I kinda froze.  Like, deer in headlights, froze. I am a disaster in the love department. A train wreck might be a more accurate depiction of my experience with that little four letter word.

I had my first “real” love college. I won’t bore everyone with the sordid details, but Mr. T and I just were not meant to be… There were a lot of ups and downs to say the least. I spent all 4 years of college with him and it didn’t end well. And since him, well, I have not really been good at opening myself up to others – we joke that I am ‘dark and twisty’ a la Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy. I run at the first sign of seriousness or commitment. So yes, train wreck sums my love life up quite nicely!!

But here’s the thing. I still have hope. I know that someday, it will happen. I will meet Mr. Right. I’m just working on a different time frame, throwing myself into work, owning a business, travel… It may not be next week, next month, next year… But it’ll happen. I just have to be patient.

Thank you Alisha for asking me to guest blog, and I hope you had an amazing wedding weekend and are enjoying your honeymoon to the fullest!



  1. True love will find you when the timing is right, my friend... timing is everything!

    Love that collage!!!

  2. Lovely Lauren - you are simply amazing! Thank you so much for your generosity to guest blog for me.

    Patience is a virtue and LOVE will find you! No doubt about it ;)


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