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Just a Few Life Updates...

I am my own person. No one else can be me. No one else can live my life for me, and they cannot tell my story. I MUST tell it! I must write type it all down and somehow make it interesting enough for you precious people out there to want to read it! 

Some times, days go by like the second hand on a clock, other times, days go by like the weather changes here in Texas. Either way, that's pretty fast. The past few days seem to have gone by like the former.  The first half of the month of December is a complete blurr. So, to catch you up to speed...

- I have already been married for 11 days! Really?!! WOW! But regardless of time and how fast it flies, I am enjoying my new husband and loving every minute with him.

- Our wedding was seamless! Everything was simply perfect. Thank you again to everyone who helped decorate, plan, tear down, and clean up. Our honeymoon to Mexico was absolute paradise. Brandon and I want to go back very soon. 

- Christmas is rapidly approaching (which I'm sure all of you know!). But, I am no where near having all my gifts purchased. This is crazy!! I am usually on top of things like this and DONE by this time... What's wrong with me?

- I have added two new pages to my blog: 'Our Fairy Tale' and 'Photography'. :) Once I have received the pictures back from the wedding, I will post those on the "Our Fairy Tale" page. A lot of you have requested to see pictures, and as soon as I have them posted I will point you in the right direction! The other is my "Photography" page. I am by no means a professional photographer, but I love capturing raw emotion and having a moment or memory saved onto something tangible. 

- My birthday is in 14 days and Brandon's birthday is in 15 days!! Now tell me that isn't freaky that we are almost exactly 2 years apart... ;) We both would like lots and lots of people to help us write all of our 50 million thank you notes from the wedding! Yes, that would be nice, nothing more. Please and thank you!

Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday! :)


  1. Can't wait to see your wedding pictures!

  2. Oh, & thanks so much for the advice! You were such a great help. I definitely do not want to look back and regret not having the wedding of my dreams bc I was worried about money. You are so right I am only getting married once so I might as well do it right =)

  3. Ughhhhh, thank you cards!! The horror!! Haha! We actually got a late wedding present last week and the first thing I thought was, "Oh no, now I have to write another thank you card!" Isn't that terrible?? Hahaha.


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