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I heart Christmas

Christmas is a time where families gather around a table with delicious home cooked meals and amazing desserts that are to-die-for; where we spread holiday cheer, sing Christmas carols and give presents; when we reflect back on the year that seems to have gone by just too fast; when we are nicer to people we don't know for no particular reason; where we watch endless replays of A Christmas Story. 

I <3 Christmas for all these reasons and SO much more!

I don't want this to be another Christmas recap, but rather, I want to share with you what I've learned from this wonderful holiday.
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As we grow up things seem to change over time. As children, we wake up as early as possible on Christmas morning just to see what Santa has brought us. We love Christmas and presents that come with it! We are egotistical and think everything is about us. We tend to expect gifts instead of understanding that it's about giving, not receiving. Then, we stop believing in Santa Clause altogether...

As we grow older into adulthood things seems to change even more. We tend to sleep in on Christmas morning, or wait, maybe that was just me... We realize it's not just about us anymore. We actually WANT to buy gifts for friends and family. I LOVE seeing the smile on their faces when they open MY gift. Joy fills my soul. Then, we may add into our lives a significant other which makes our family just a little bit bigger. And sometimes marriage follows for the fortunate ones out there, and that's when it all changes...

..always for the better, but some times change is not so easily accepted.

Christmas with my mom and dad, sister and brother has never been the same since all three of us kids are now grown and married. And, it may never be the same. It is harder now to get everyone together on Christmas morning for Dad's famous Christmas pancake feast (which is absolutely wonderful, and make you think your pants magically shrunk overnight) either because of work schedules or other family obligations. This hurts my heart. I want so much to be selfish and have things back to the way they used to be.

But, I have learned this many times throughout my life and constantly have to remind myself - Christmas is NOT about me and what I want. I love my sister and brother, and if I have to settle with just a phone call saying "Merry Christmas and I love you!" then I will be just fine. :) That's what love and Christmas is all about, right?! Right.

Brandon and I spent Christmas with my mom and dad on Christmas Eve. They loved their gifts, and to see their faces light up like little children was absolutely worth everything in the world!! We then suffered through a 3 hour long drive back home to sleep in our own beds and have Christmas morning just the two of us at our house. Christmas brunch was spent with Brandon's dad and step-mom, and we wrapped up the day with Christmas dinner at his mom's house.

Needless to say, our family is growing, and we are dealing with change in our own way. However, we had the most wonderful Christmas with both of our families, and we enjoyed our very FIRST Christmas as husband and wife together.

I sincerely hope that all of you had the best Christmas possible even if things didn't go the way you wanted them, if things weren't like they once where, or if something completely different happened this year. I love you all!! xoxo 

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  1. YAY! Your first Married Christams! Glad it was a good one ;)

  2. I totally know what you mean! Change can be hard to get used to, but it's a definite part of being an adult!! I loved our first married Christmas because instead of having two sides of family to celebrate with, we had four!! We are lucky because everyone lives within an hour of each other! So glad ya'll had a wonderful Christmas!! I love the heart shaped pancake and note! That's so sweet!

  3. Aw!!! So happy your first married Christmas was wonderful! <333

  4. Congratulations on getting married!! My oldest brother just married a girl from Junction, Texas :) They got married October 30th. Merry Christmas!!! and I love your blog!

  5. Cute post!

    Come stop by at

  6. You look SO lovely and happy, my dear friend. I am so happy for you! I am glad you had a lovely first Christmas together as husband and wife. Wishing you many more, and blessings as you start your first full year of marriage together as well. :)


  7. Yum! How cute...heart pancakes (: That's adorable! Happy Tuesday, Alisha!


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