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The End of 2010

2010 will soon be a thing of the past. 2011 is knocking at the door just waiting to be opened, with new surprises, friends, loves, passions, opportunities, and SO much more. 

Be strong lovelies, embrace 2011 with open arms. She brings new life, new resolutions, new promises, happiness, sadness, sorrow and sometimes heartache, but life would not be the same if she held out on us. 

Today is a special day. Not simply because it is the absolute last day of the year and ends a chapters and starts a new one, but because it is this wonderful man's birthday!!

Happy birthday babe! I love you :)

Brandon and I have had one amazing year together. It's hard sometimes to think back exactly one year ago what we were doing and where we were in our lives. It sure has been one hell of a ride, but I'm so glad I had my best friend by my side the whole way!

In January we found our wedding venue in Round Top, Texas.

February brought another wonderful valentine's.

In May I graduated from college!! Whoop! 

In June we bought a boat...

...and caught a massive stingray...

...and Brandon wrestled an alligator.

In October I took my bridal portraits. 

November was filled with wonderful bridal showers.

And to close the year out, we got married in December!!

We are...Mr. & Mrs. :)

We're still waiting to get our wedding photos back from the photographers - sorry for the quality on these. 

And last, but certainly not least, this little bundle of joy was born!

I am so happy to be the aunt of this little baby boy!

2011 looks to be like a wonderful year! We are super excited to see what God has in store for us. Thank you SO much, dear readers, for following along with our story. We hope you all have a wonderful and safe night ringing in the new year. 

Happy New Year!


  1. What great pictures to remember the year. Happy Birthday to your hubby & Congrats on your new nephew!

  2. Happy happy birthday to your hubby!! I hope ya'll had a wonderful NYE!! Can't wait to read about ya'll in 2011!! : )

  3. So lovely, doll! Thanks for sharing your pics. I can't wait to see what 2011 holds for you. It'll be a year of life, love and blogging. For sure. :)


  4. Happy Birthday to you hubby!! :) Looks like 2010 will be a tough year to beat gorgeous but I know 2011 will be fabulous!!! XO

  5. What a fun year! I'm excited to see your pictures (: You are beautiful! Can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for you, my friend! xo

  6. I must admit, I LOVE your bracelet from your wedding photos!

  7. uhmm. are u kidding me? "in june we caught a massive stingray and brandon wrestled an aligator." WTC LADY?!!?!? are u guys indiana jones or something? u say that so nonchalantly like it's an everyday thing. it made me laugh.

    i'm a fellow texan and i was just stopping by to say hello!! cutie blog :)


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