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Christmas Came Early this Year

When you're out shopping on one the craziest days to shop, and you find the perfect sale, you absolutely CANNOT pass it up (early lesson learned well, thanks mom)!! These sales only come around once a year...  Well, Black Friday came. I shopped. I found the perfect sale. And I did NOT pass it up. I found a camera and just couldn't resist.  The price was perfect - on sale and everything!! :)

I wasn't completely selfish whilst shopping; I did snag a few gifts for my fiance and family! And I know they will all love them just like I love my early Christmas present for Brandon and me! ;) We were in dire need of a new camera. My camera, which is now pushing 5 years old, no longer displays the LCD screen before you take a picture. I mean who wants to look through a view finder anymore - geeze! While Brandon's camera is playing hide-n-seek permanently. So, after all was said and done, Best Buy came to the rescue with their awesome sale on black Friday! 

And without further adieu....

Isn't she a beauty?!! Sorry for the vintage style photo. The regular camera on my iPhone just didn't make it pop like this one. :) 

We are so excited to use our new camera on our honeymoon in Mexico! We leave out on Sunday at 10:30 in the AM. I will post pictures from our tropical get-a-way as soon I get back to all my new BFFs (that's you guys) - Blogger Friends Forever! :) But for now, here are a few pictures of Astro with our new camera...AND photos by ME!

 He loved that cow hoof chew!

He couldn't multitask - chew and lay down... ;)

Finally made it all the way down! His new sweater looks soo CUTE!!

Happy Hump Day! 


  1. So jealous you bought a new camera.. I so want one!

    Only a few more days till you are officially a Mrs. how exciting!

  2. Thanks for the comment, darlin'!

    I am SO jealous you got that beauty of a camera, I've been dying to get one and am hinting to my boyfriend that I "just absolutely neeeeeed it!"

    Early congrats on your wedding & have a wonderful honeymoon- can't wait to see pics!



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