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Top 2 Tuesday: favorite jobs

So, I've just recently met Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma through another new blogg friend Lauren @ Life with a Lab, and let me tell you, these ladies are the best!! Thank you for all the help and encouragement getting my blog off the ground. Love you girls already! :) 

Here's to Taylor's Top 2 Tuesday post about my favorite jobs so far... 

Top 2 Favorite Jobs you've had:

1. Creekside Nursery - (first real world professional job out of college) I love my job here, and I love the people that I work with (always a plus)!! I am the customer sales representative. Love the fact that I'm getting so much sales experience, and I'm actually in the field of my major - horticulture! I hear of too many people that get jobs after college that have nothing to do with their major. Definitely lucky. :)

2. Bath & Body Works - during college I worked at B&BW just part time during the Christmas holidays while I had another job waiting tables at Casa Ole. Both jobs were great, but I loved the people and the products better at b&bw. The discount was a super bonus! Last year for Christmas all of my family received b&bw products (always a great gift). I probably spent every check I got from there back on the store! :) Love the friends I made while working there and all my b&bw product collection. 

Happy Tuesday, everyone!
Still praying for ya Taylor.


  1. I LOVE Bath & Body Works. All of those smells and lovely lotions. What girl doesn't want to try them all?!
    Yay for your new blog! I'm following now!

  2. Oh I love BBW. That would be a great place to work.

  3. Oh I think working in a nursery would be an amazing job. All the beautiful flowers.. & to be outside.

    I love Bath & Body but I think that store is trouble.. I have so much of there stuff already & if I worked there well it would be worse but it sounds fun!

  4. Oh gosh... were you required to be obnoxiously annoying while you worked at B&B Works? I swear, that's a requirement for their employees!! Lol!! What a grinch I am. ;)


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