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Sisterly Love

A sister is someone who's been where you've been, who knows you and what you're about. Someone you know you can call if you need to when something's just not working out. A sister is someone who's more than just family, her friendship is one of a kind. And the closeness you've shared through life's laughter and tears is the deepest that you'll ever find. - Author Unknown

Today's post is all about my sister, Timpy. You can read more about her over at Timpy's Blog. I love this girl! She will always been my hero. I even gave a speech about her in one of my communications class in college. She is always the first person I call for advice about anything going on in my life because she is the older, wiser, experienced-life-in-different-ways sister. 

Photography by Brooke Ogilvie 

Timpy and I are eight years a part, but that never made a difference in our relationship. She always took care of me growing up. She always played second mom, even if she didn't want to. Thank you seester! 

According to her, I had it easy growing up. I got less spankings; a later curfew; I got a cell phone earlier. Maybe mom and dad got lazy after they had me. I was, after all, the baby of the family. So, this post is another way to show her that I appreciate her, love her, and thank her for all she has done for me. 

I sometimes still can't believe my big sister, my hero, my best friend is going to have a baby!! She's going to be a Mom. I am so excited to be this little boy's aunt. Baby boy Tiemann is already loved so much. Can't wait to meet him!

I have challenged Timpy to post more about her pregnancy and Baby boy Tiemann on her blog for all the month of November (she's due sometime end of December beginning of January). It's almost here! So far she's one for four. Day five of November is here... 

And my favor to ask of you, send her some encouragement to blog more. I want her to be able to look back after Baby boy Tiemann has arrived and see how far she has come. This is her first baby!! :)


  1. Thank you so much for your email! I got so excited when I got it, I stopped everything to follow you and read your blog! LOL.

    Welcome to the blogosphere! I just joined the blog world a couple months back, actually, and it's been so much FUN! I can't believe I didn't do it sooner.

    I can't wait to read more about you upcoming wedding - post lots of pics!! :)


    a toast.


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