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Ask about Today!

So, this post may be a little random and sort of out of the blue, but it's all I can think about lately. Just roll with me on this one, mmk?

Brandon and I have been engaged for almost 14 months now, and we have 17 days left until our wedding. Yay!! I am a full-time bride now, and my wedding is all I can think about, even at my real full-time job. Planning has been great, but the last minute things to get organized and coordinated can sometimes get a little overwhelming. I'm so thankful to everyone who has helped me so far. :) Love you all!

However, we are NOT married yet, and we are already getting asked questions about the future - like babies!! Babies?! Geeeeeze. Pardon me, but I would like to take one day minute at a time and cherish my current status as a bride-to-be, then focus on my big day - just relax and be happy. Then enjoy the time I get to spend with my husband. Travel. Experience life. Travel some more. Then, maybe then, when Brandon and I are ready (ready is really a relative term, but in our minds we want to be ready) we will try to have a baby. 

But, where is all this pressure coming from to hurry up and live your life, grow up, have babies, grow old, and DIE? Right now I feel like people are rushing me to live my life and plan my future NOW! 

If you are single, people always ask "So are there any boys in your life?"
If you are dating, people always ask "So when are you going to get married?"
If you are married, people always ask "So when are you going to have babies?"

What's next? After you're married, have kids, have grandchildren and maybe even great-grandchildren, people start to ask "So when are you going to die?!"

Why can't people just ask how you are doing? Can they just care about what is going on at the present time? 

What if you've been married for some time and actually been trying to conceive and cannot? Do you answer the baby question with "Well, we've been trying but it looks like, nope, we can't have kids..." Seriously people?!! I'm sure a lot of you ladies out there will or already have experienced this, and now that the holidays are coming around and we're all with our families, even worse!! Seems like people can't find anything else to talk about besides the weather, gossip or relationship status at family functions.

Okay, okay. I'll stop with the ranting. I just want people to realize there's more to talk about then just the future that's not even guaranteed. Start asking more about how a person is at that particular moment. We can plan all we want, but we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Ask about today!

That's all.


  1. People did the same thing to us.. My favorite though.. Right after we got married, people would say, how's married life?

    I mean, seriously? I always wanted to say TERRIBLE!! Just to mess with them for asking such a dummy question!! Haha! :)

  2. I understand completely!! People ask Matthew and I questions like that all the time! When they ask when we're having kids I just tell them we hate children and don't want any - we only like dogs. HA!!! Takes em by surprise every time!! hehehe!! (of course I only SORT OF mean that...) ;)


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