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Mr. Wonderful

Hello lovely readers,

Hope you all are just splendid!! :) Today, is another day, and hopefully is better than the day before. I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

So today's topic (a heavy one): love. Where does this word fit into your life? Have you found love? Have you stopped looking? Have you found that ONE person that absolutely makes your world worth living? Have you found your Mr. Wonderful?

Well, not to brag, but I have. Wait a sec, before you start hating me and stop reading (please don't!). I would like to share with you how I found my Mr. Wonderful, and how he came to be (not his innate existence, but in my life), and how I've been able to keep him around.

To think back when it all started, well we've got to go back two and a half glorious years - May 2008. Brandon and I started out as friends. We worked together. I was in a relationship, which was on the verge of death, so we kept things cordial. There was definitely flirting involved from both parties. The relationship at infancy, looking back now, was so precious. Of course, Brandon and I both didn't know then that we would now be counting down the days to a wonderfully planned wedding on December 4, 2010 (but that's beside the point). :)

The friendship started to grow. When we talked, we found out we liked a lot of the same things, and we had a lot of things in common (this is crucial to any relationship). If you and your partner don't like the same things or don't have anything in common, how can you expect the relationship to grow? Or blend? Or even exist? How can you build a relationship with another human being (man or woman) and not have any of the same, or similar, ideals, morals, ethics, or goals in life? 

It is human nature to want to be surrounded by like-minded people. We want to be able to share our feelings, accomplishments, goals, and even disappointments with people who might be going through the same thing. It's no different when you are in a relationship. You have to be able to have an open line of communication. 

During the early stages of our friendship, Brandon was my go-to-guy for relationship advice. I told him everything (while we were friends) about the problems I was having in my relationship at the time. I'm sure there were times he probably didn't want to hear about my relationship woes, but he was a friend who stood there and just listened. Sometimes he gave advice, sometimes he didn't, but nevertheless he listened. 

I remember vividly one night that my ex accused me of something I didn't do, and I was a whirlwind of emotions. I was hurt, angry, frustrated, and sad, just to name a few. I called Brandon crying. He came to my rescue. He let me cry, talk, even yell. In my fit of emotions he hugged me (think I even hit him in my furry, though not hard). And there it was, a simple hug.  He probably hugged me to get me to shut up and muffle my face into his chest. ;) You never know when a hug can make a huge difference. Needless to say, the night got a little better. The friendship grew stronger. We talked more and grew closer. To read the rest of our story you'll have to read this.  

Brandon and I still talk and share everything today. We have to. Even if there are times I don't want to talk (I just want to be mad), I still tell him what's bothering me. Sometimes it takes me a little longer to talk, but it's never good to hold anything in, and eventually I come around. We are completely honest with one another. We have no secrets. 

So overall, how I got my Mr. Wonderful in the first place, and how I kept him around: 
1) You have to have something in common
2) You have to be honest and completely open
3) And...You have to at least like the person too. ;)

Fall for someone that deserves you. Fall for someone who loves you for who you are, not someone they want you to be. Never be afraid to show the real you in a relationship. Guys don't want a fake you. They are like women (in a way), and want to get to know the real you.

Your Mr. Wonderful is out there. I pray that you do find him. If you already have your Mr. Wonderful I applaud you for finding him and keeping him around!! Love him and never let him go. 

Happy weekend, my lovely readers!


  1. Such a great post! Yes, Mr. Wonderful is out there for everyone. I'm certainly blessed to have found mine. Saying a prayer for you that the next week goes by smoothly and your wedding is everything you've dreamed of! :)

  2. Well, darling. I would just like to say THANK YOU so much for sharing this lovely post. I appreciate it in a lot of ways, and I will tell you why.

    I love love. I write about it as a part of my job. I think of it often. I like to observe other relationships to see what works and what doesn't so that I can use it to become brighter, and more rounded, and more thoughtful, and eventually....

    Find my very own Mr. Wonderful. Which I will. Eventually. Because of people like you, I remind myself that he is out there! Even for me, when it seems like it's soooo far away. Thank you for this gorgeous post!!! You and Brandon look so happy and I am so very happy FOR you!

    I will totally read the rest of your story. In case I didn't mention it, I LOVE love. Ha!

    Have a lovely evening, Alisha :)


  3. Such a really great post! I know it's earl but Happy Wedding day RIGHT around the corner!

    **I'm a new follower


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