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List of Ten Tuesday: Football Edition!!

So, my new blog friend Jenni @ Story of My Life, started a fun series called List of Ten Tuesday and always has such cute posts: inspiring, encouraging, uplifting, and downright hilarious. You must check her out!! 

In her last few posts she has encouraged her readers to try their own List of Ten Tuesday. So, with an honest effort and a few football pet peeves, I attempt my first List of Ten Tuesday from original author Jenni. 

Here goes... 

 Top Ten Football Etiquette Rules when Attending a Professional NFL Game 

1. Sporting Your Jersey   
When you attend an NFL game you expect to see fans in the home team's jerseys and a few opponent team's jerseys. But, why on earth would anyone wear a random football team's jersey that is not even playing?? 

I'm talking to you guy wearing the NY Giants jersey!

2. The Obnoxious Fan     
To the obnoxious fan(s) who sat behind me - you are extremely rude! Please don't get me wrong, I love cheering as much as the next guy, but ringing a cowbell, blowing an air horn, AND banging your beer bottle against your chair is just plain annoying and RUDE!
3.The Inappropriate Men Next to Me
 Yes, as a female, I tend to notice other females, especially those who are really pretty, but please do NOT make offensive sexual comments about the female cheerleaders. It's very inappropriate, and just downright gross!

4.  Profanity Won’t Score You Any Points
Do I need to say more?

5. Treat Opposing Fans with Respect
Despite their poor choice to cheer on another team, these fans did travel a long way to enjoy the game and deserve to have a pleasant experience. Be classy! Taunting is never fun for anyone. 

6. Avoid Sneaking People into Your Section
The rows become extremely uncomfortable when there is not enough room because you brought your friend from the nose-bleed section down the good seats that I paid a lot of money for.  

7. Have Fun!
Don't be a sour puss because your team is losing and scoffing every time the other team makes a good play. Learn to have fun and cheer like a champion.

8. Tailgate and Drink Before the Game
 You'll save sooo much money and have a lot of fun!
9. Stay in Your Seat!
People, when it's the middle of a play or the last few minutes of the game, stay in your seat. Nuff said.  

10. Traveling back Home
It's not good to take your out exuberance or frustration on the innocent people in the town, or fellow travelers. In other words don't destroy property or harm bystanders on your egress from the ground.

* * * * * * * * * * *

If you're still reading this, I applaud you. Thanks for making it this far. We both made it through my first List of Ten Tuesday from original author Jenni.

Hope you enjoyed this measly attempt at my first List of Ten Tuesday - Football Edition! :) Tune in next week for a possible sequel…maybe. 

Have a fabulous Tuesday!


  1. THIS WAS AWESOME!! I don't even like sports much, but I still found this post very entertaining!! And thanks for the million links to me!! HA!!


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