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Fall and Football Fever

Fall, it's the perfect time of year.

The leaves begin to change colors, the weather starts to get cooler, and most of all, FOOTBALL is here!! Whether it's high school, college or professional - I love them all! Bet you wouldn't believe me if I told you I actually played in high school... I did, and I had a blast! Guess you could say it came from an older brother would played football in high school and college, and a dad who watched football every chance he got. But, enough about me, this weekend was filled with football excitement and disappointment. 

First of all, my high school alma mater took the win Friday night in San Antonio against the Highland Owls. A big shout out to them!! They are now 8-3. Go Hornets! :)

Second, my college alma mater took the win Saturday night in College Station against the No. 11 Oklahoma Sooners. Whoop!! Aggies are now 6-3 - bowl eligible baby. Gig 'em Aggies!

Third, I had an awesome opportunity to go with my friend, Jessica, to the Houston Texans game on Sunday. Tailgating before the game with family and friends was a blast. Sadly, the winning streak ends here. The Texans fell to the San Diego Chargers 29-23. However, we still had fun cheering the Texans on and giving high fives every time they scored!

Despite the lost, we had a great time - definitely deserves a sequel. Whoop for great friends too! 

The brutal sport of football is a place where players can create all time records of rushing yards, passing yards, the most touchdowns and interceptions, take hard hits from an opponent, but best of all - be entered in the Football Hall of Fame. 

I love that Brandon and I can watch a game together and get so wrapped up that we're both yelling at the TV. I do hate it though, when he picks on me when my team loses... ;) But, my love for football will forever remain the same!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!