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CSN Stores Product Review

My first product review... As promised before, I am now delivering.

It was a privilege and honor to be asked by the staff of CSN Stores to do a review for their website. After being contacted by a sales representative and posting a sneak peek of my review soon to come, I was allowed to pick any item from their website to do my product review. I chose the Procter-Silex 1.5 liter Crock Pot. 

Reason for choice: Of all the wedding gifts Brandon and I have received so far from bridal showers, we have yet to receive a crock pot. I registered for one and everything - still nothing, so CSN Stores came to my rescue. Shining armor and everything!! ;)

    Introducing.... the Procter-Silex 1.5 liter Crock Pot

Great choice, if I may say so, and as soon as I purchased it, I knew immediately my first meal to be made in this glorious cooker - homemade chili!! Perfect, right? Right!

I probably should've taken this picture before Brandon got a hold of it - there's not much left. ;)

The chili was Ah-MAZ-ING!!!

All in all, I absolutely love my Procter-Silex 1.5 liter Crock Pot. It's the perfect size for small meals (2-4 servings). It's perfect for Brandon and I. Thank you to the support staff of CSN for allowing me to participate in this product review. You were all very helpful!

I will definitely be using my crock pot again to make mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving tomorrow! Mmm mmm good... Thanks again CSN Stores!

Happy Thanksgiving!