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22 more days...

My count down clock is quickly reaching 0 days... Ahhhh! 

In all reality, I could not be happier. Today is a wonderful day! Brandon has finally come home from being out in west Texas for the past four weeks. My "mini vacation", as Jenni would call it, has finally come to an end...Thank God! My house has been so cold and lonely with him gone (probably has nothing to do with the fact that the temperature has dropped to the low 50s and it's just been Astro and me - nah!!). 

We are in the last few days before the wedding, and there is still so much to do. It's a happy time but also a very stressful time. Every bride always wants everything to be as perfect as possible on her wedding day (I am no different). But tiny mishaps can and unfortunately always happen. You've I've got to learn to roll with it. Brandon is so good about calming me down and making sure I don't stress over the little things (i.e. people not sending back RSVPs). Really? Why is there even a need to send these stupid-waste-of-my-time-and-money cards that no one ever sends back? 


I've been told that out of the total number of people you invite to an event you usually get about half to actually come. Well, with the number of people that have RSVPed its only about 15%. Bright side to this equation - less people to feed. ;P

I seriously cannot thank everyone enough who has helped me so far to put this wedding together - Mom, Timpy, Suzanne, Rene, Shane, Aunt Fara, Bebe, Lauren, Stacy, Lisa. I love you all!

While driving home yesterday from work I heard this song - Easton Corbin "Roll With It."  I've heard it before, but today it just seems to fit perfectly with this post. 

Here's the chorus for you:
Baby we'll roll with it
Won't think about it too much
Baby let's just go with it
And get out of this ordinary everyday rut

And we get swept away by one of those perfect days
When the sun is sinking low at dusk
And wind up a little deeper in love
Baby lets roll with it
Always remember, no matter what obstacle comes your way, you've (this includes me too) gotta learn to "Roll With It."

Happy Friday everyone!