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Wrap Up: Texas Style Council

 photo IMG_2006-1_zpsa4634b3d.jpg  photo IMG_2007-4_zps8d329863.jpg  photo IMG_2008-5_zpsefaecd7d.jpg  photo IMG_2006-3_zpse4d8e415.jpg
Dress: gifted, Cardigan: Forever21, Necklace: ℅ Homestead, Glasses: ℅ Firmoo, Bag: ℅ Lulu's

Blogging on a Saturday, yeah, I went there. I wanted to wrap up my recap on Texas Style Council, and pushing it into next week, well that's just plain lazy. So here I am on Saturday chowing down on salt water taffy, and you've got nothing better to do, so here you go...  

This was my outfit on Sunday at Texas Style Council, and I'm so glad I packed this dress. It was supposed to be just a back up to one of my other outfits, but after Prom on Saturday night and the torture I put my feet through I couldn't put my big girl panties on and put on another pair of heels or wedges. And the only thing that would hid my comfy reef sandals was this dress.

Can we also take a minute to marvel at that beautiful bag?

At Prom Lulu's rocked the photo booth with awesome props and their fun spin-the-wheel-and-get-free-swag giveaway! I walked away with this awesome find. It's absolutely perfect. It's lightweight but strong enough to carry my laptop, and the lining on the inside is navy with darling triangle polka dots. Thank you Lulu's for being just plain cool and having awesome brand reps who were wonderful to meet!

I think I love you, Lulu's. :)


  1. Love this look on you-- casual and cute! What a beauty!

  2. Love this outfit! You look fabulous in it!

  3. You look amazing! I adore that bag and those glasses on you! So glad you got to go to this. Please go next year so I can meet you in person! :)

  4. I love your outfit and the bag goes perfectly with it...just the right amount of color!


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