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The Useless things I do Before I hit Publish

There's a lot of things that go in to putting a well-thought-out-geniune-and-not-copied-and-pasted post these days. I mean you have to have a stellar title to begin with. One that will really knock the pants.. er, socks off your readers and entice them to read on. 

So, before I hit publish on this post or even started typing a single word I googled 'Being Sick is For the Birds' just to see if anyone else had an article or post out there with the same title. After my google search popped up with 3,600,00 results (gee, that's a lot!) I scanned through the first page of top ranked hits and didn't see my intended title. Does anyone ever click on Page 2? 

Score! I have a title now. But before switching tabs back to my blogger page the search result labeled For the Birds - The Phrase Finder caught my eye. So I harmlessly clicked on the link. Where did this phrase come from I thought. It means trivial or worthless, but where it came from I had no idea. Apparently it's an old US Army slang term from 'that's shit for the birds' deriving from birds pecking at horse droppings in order to find seeds. Well that's neat. ;P

Then I decided to switch things up a bit and search 'Popping Cough Drops like Candy' because that's what I was doing not even 5 minutes before. Apparently too much menthol can make you feel worse not better, but that's just like too much candy can give you a tummy ache. The back of my Halls Triple Soothing Action Cherry flavored bag says nothing about the amount of cough drops you should or not consume, however, they are insistent on letting me know there are 12 calories per cough drop. Thank you FDA. 

Needless to say, I'll be recovering from this cold on our couch while googling more random phrases and popping cough drops like candy. And I'm sure I'll come across some more awesome and useless nuggets of wisdom to share. Thank you ADD.