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Spring Style Favorites

 photo SpringFavorites_zps17d1a15f.jpg

Zappos Wedges & Sandals

Just last week I was watching The Weather Channel and they were starting about winter storm Seneca dropping pounds upon pounds of snow on top of the Midwest of the states. Buuuuurrrrr!! Unlike the rest of the world, down here in south Texas it's actually starting to feel like spring here, and with that I'm dreaming of pastel colors, flowers, shorts and sandals.

Spring cleaning is also in the midst at our casa. A time to wipe the slate clean of last years horrible trends and bring in some new favorites that will soon be a thing of the past come 2015 haha! 

I also have quite a few showers - bridal and baby - coming up this spring, and I'm definitely in need of a new pair of wedges and sandals for sure!! I'm so ready for warmer weather, and the lake, and the beach, and the sun! But lets just promise we won't be cursing the 100F degree heat when summer gets here ha! ;P

What are you looking forward to the most this spring?